What STEDTRAIN is All About

STEDTRAIN is a Committee that administers a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Seed Grant program that provides funding up to $1,000 to Huntsville, Alabama educators for innovative hands-on classroom projects that will stimulate children's interest in science and technology.

STEDTRAIN was formed during the summer of 1988 by a small group of members of the North Alabama Chapter of the World Future Society. The group saw as a big problem the fact that no community organization or mechanism existed for bringing together teachers, parents, volunteers, educational administrators, business people, technical professionals, i.e., the general community, to discuss science and technology K-12 educational policies and needs in order to generate community consensus and coordinated, volunteer implementations when and where appropriate.

A series of annual conferences was initiated in 1995. After the second conference, it became apparent that STEDTRAIN was developing beyond the resources of the small World Future Society group. Fortunately, STEDTRAIN mission and goals fitted nicely with the The Association Education Directorate mission and goals, so STEDTRAIN became incorporated into the The Association organization as a committee of the The Association Education Directorate in the Spring of 1997.

When STEDTRAIN became incorporated into the The Association organization, the administration of the STEDTRAIN Seed Grant Program remained within the STEDTRAIN Committee with The Association Executive Board oversight. The program was proving so successful that the STEDTRAIN Committee decided to make it the focus of its efforts. The Association has made the program its major flagship program.

More information about STEDTRAIN (PDF Presentation)

Frequently Asked Questions

Telephone Contacts
Woody Williams 256.837.5172
Ron Hackett 931.438.3298
Seed Grant Awards
Year Awards Total
2017-2018 16 $26,505
2016-2017 24 $38,688
2015-2016 24 $31,006
2014-2015 36 $32,724
2013-2014 40 $35,482
2012-2013 29 $26,527
2011-2012 35 $32,836
2010-2011 45 $38,486
2009-2010 25 $23,152
2008-2009 -- --
2007-2008 -- --
2006-2007 22 $20,029
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