Science and Technology EDucation and TRAINing (STEDTRAIN)

STEDTRAIN is a Committee of The Association that administers a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Seed Grant program that provides Type I and Type II Grant funding of $250 to $1000 and $1500 to $2500 respectively to an educator for innovative hands-on classroom projects that will stimulate children’s interest in science and technology.

Since the Program began in 1988, it has distributed over $529,526 for 543 individual grants and other worthy educational projects. The grants currently benefit approximately 10,000 students directly and about 20,000 indirectly a year.

The Association is grateful to many of its Member societies, corporate, and individual donors for their support. The economic situation of the past few years has substantially increased the number of grant applications received. The increase has required funding substantially beyond what was previously possible.

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Send your tax-deductible donation (and make checks payable) to
STEDTRAIN, P.O. Box 1964, Huntsville, AL 35807

2016-17 STEM Seed Grants

The Huntsville Association of Technical Societies (The Association) and its Science and Technology EDucation and TRAINing (STEDTRAIN) Committee are pleased to announce the award of 13 Type I Seed Grants and 11 Type II Seed Grants to area teachers to support Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education in the classroom for the 2016-17 School Year. Over $38,000 will be awarded through the STEDTRAIN program. Checks will be presented to the teachers at the awards ceremony as detailed below.

Date: Saturday, August 27, 2016


8:30 A.M. registration and social
9:00 A.M. Program - Mr. Phillip Henson, Host and Chair


Main Conference Room
Dynetics CHQ Building
1002 Explorer Blvd
Huntsville Research Park
Huntsville, AL 35806

The CHQ Bldg is on the right as one turns north into the Dynetics Campus off Explorer Blvd.

Featured Speaker:

LaRonda Conley, Ph.D.
Huntsville, AL



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List of Awarded Seed Grants

Other STEM Related Opportunities

This information is provided as a courtesy by the STEDTRAIN Committee and is not an endorsement of the programs.

STEDTRAIN in the News

Phillip Henson and Cheryl Heldt photo

Cheryl Heldt, a 3rd grade Math and Science teacher at University Place Elementary School in the Huntsville City Schools district, received the $100 gift certificate from Phillip Henson for her Seed Grant at the STEDTRAIN Seed Grant Conference in April 2016.

Permission Granted for use by STEDTRAIN and photo subjects, Phillip Henson and Cheryl Heldt
Photo by: Woodrow (Woody) A. Williams, Huntsville, AL
Other use must receive written permission.

Teacher's Letter

From: Teresa Zimmer 
Date: September 15, 2015 at 11:49:00 AM CDT
To: Carolyn Hale 
Subject: Re: Carolyn Hale - STEDTRAIN committee

Good morning, Mrs. Hale!  I am SO excited about receiving a STEDTRAIN grant, but I can hardly control the excitement of my students!  Some of our items purchased with grant funds are  beginning to be delivered, and it's like Christmas whenever someone brings a box to my room!

Of course you are welcome to come visit anytime, but you would probably get more of the idea of the overall project if you waited until 2nd semester.  Most of the items we are adding to our "makerspace" take some time to learn how to use.  We do plan on having two "maker faires", one probably in January and the other at the end of the school year, to showcase what we have accomplished to parents, fellow teachers and students, and community members.  I will be sure to let you know of those dates, and I welcome you and other STEDTRAIN members to join us.

Please extend my sincere thank you to the rest of the committee.  It is difficult to express in words the impact this grant will have on my students.  While our objectives are difficult to measure in standard ways, just watching and listening to the students is evidence of authentic learning taking place.  I can't wait to see how far these students will take their ideas!

Thank you again for your support of unique learning opportunities!  I look forward to meeting you.


Teresa Zimmer
Gifted Specialist
Guntersville City School
STEDTRAIN Grant Recipient

Seed Grants for Previous Years

The following documents provide abstracts for the Seed Grant proposals that have been funded over the past several years.

2016-17 Grant Calendar
Date Event/Deadline
1 February Proposal Season Opens

1 April
4:30 PM
Proposal Submission Deadline

3 April
Principal's Approval Deadline

15 April
Last day to report problems

Friday 5 August Seed Grant awards announced

Tuesday 23 August
Deadline for accepting Seed Grant awards

Thursday 25 August
Deadline for verifying attendance

Saturday 27 August
8:00 AM
Awards Ceremony

20 January Midterm Reports Due

April 27
Final Reports Due

April 29 Final Presentations
Telephone Contacts
Woody Williams 256.837.5172
Ron Hackett 931.438.3298
Seed Grant Awards
Year Awards Total
2015-2016 24 $31,006
2014-2015 36 $32,724
2013-2014 40 $35,482
2012-2013 29 $26,527
2011-2012 35 $32,836
2010-2011 45 $38,486
2009-2010 25 $23,152
2008-2009 -- --
2007-2008 -- --
2006-2007 22 $20,029
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